Sunday, March 6, 2016


* Agrupación Coral Amigos de Sabugo

* Ataide Soares


* Domenico Savino And His Orchestra


* Ensamble Centenario

* Kim Young Hwan

* Kyeong Nam Kim

 * Patti Kusturok

 *  Viviana Careaga y Condorkanki



****Title     ****Artist     ****Album     ****Year

-La Golondrina (live)     *Agrupación Coral Amigos de Sabugo
-La Golondrina     *Ataide Soares     *Temas de Amor ,2015
-Las Golondrinas     *Banda INVO
-Medley Of Spanish Waltzes (1940)     *Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys ,1940
-La Golondrina (1958)     *Domenico Savino And His Orchestra     *South American Moods ,1958
-La Golondrina (The Swallow)     *Don Bosco     *Brasil Cantando ,2015
-La Golondrina     *Ensamble Centenario     *Romanticismo Mexicano Con Salterio ,2015
-The Swallow (La Golondrina, live)     *Kim Young Hwan
-The Swallow (La Golondrina, live)     *Kyeong Nam Kim
-Die Swaeltjie (1959)     *Nico Carstens     *Goue Plaat ,1959
-La Golondrina (live) (1975)     *Olivia Molina             *1975
-Las Mañanitas (Popurri)     *Orquesta de Silver Andrey
Orquesta de Silver Andrey - Las Mananitas (Popurri)
SONGS: Las Mananitas-Solamente Una Vez-Vereda Tropical-Sombras Nada Mas-El Reloj-Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado-Noche De Ronda-Besame Mucho-Las Golondrinas
-La Golondrina     *Patti Kusturok
-Popurri (Estrellita,La Paloma,La Golondrina)     *Pedro G. Segovia
-Swaeltjie     *Roy Memphis             *1972
-Lara's Theme-La Golondrina (1968)     *The Alan Gardiner Accordion Band     *Play It Again ,1968
-La Golondrina (live)     *The Rocking Sixties
-La Golondrina     *The Rocking Sixties
-La Golondrina     *Tom Kennerk     *Cruisin' With the Classics ,2015
-La Golondrina (1978)     *Tone Grčar             *1978
-La Golondrina -2 (From opera Olvera Street, 2015)     *Vineyard Touring Opera Company     *Opera Olvera Street ,2015
-La Golondrina     *Viviana Careaga *Viviana Careaga Y Condorkanki
-She Wears My Ring     *Willy Van Bavinckhove



  1. The research you put into your blog just amazes me Slobodan and you must have the largest collection of Ls Golondrina ever produced on one site,it takes a lot of time and research especially to find versions under different titles.
    your friend Kat

    1. I thank you so much my dear friend Kat for your visit here and this comment. Like I said, There are more versions of "La Golondrina" in English language: She Wears My Ring, He wears My Ring, The Swallow, We Loved But Once, I Wear His Ring, etc... And, not to forget, some other interesting versions of "La Golondrina" in English language from my collection: These Silver Wings, Words /one of two versions by Cliff Richard, the other is Ein Girl Wie Du (in German)/, then Adios Mujer /in English!/, also When You're In Love... What a story! Nana Mouskouri is the best non-Mexican female singer who can sing the best "La Golondrina". She has 3 versions in different languages, but NOT ANY in her Greek language! In Mexico, this beautiful song is more known as "Las Golondrinas" /in plural! There are few other Mexican versions too "Adios Amor", "El Dia De Tu Boda", etc. More different versions /titles/ exist in Holland and Germany, for sure, also few different in Portuguese language. You can't imagine that "La Golondrina" is still popular in Korea, too! Also in Japan! So many problems first to know how to write La Golondrina >The Swallow> in these languages, and then searching for versions...Etc... What a hard job to collect till now versions from Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, France, GBritain, USA, Ireland, Spain, Finland, Singapore, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Holland, Germany, Croatia... -instrumental and songs, about 3,000 -and counting- but I am searching for more. Especially for those from '20s and '30s. Regards and best wishes!