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ROY ORBISON - THE WAY IS LOVE & Mystery Girl -Deluxe -25h Anniversary Edition

ROY ORBISON - THE WAY IS LOVE & Mystery Girl -Deluxe -25h Anniversary Edition

Roy Orbison's final studio album, 1989's posthumously released Mystery Girl, turns 25 this year. To celebrate the milestone anniversary, Sony Music Entertainment's Legacy Recordings is releasing Mystery Girl — Deluxe, a comprehensive reissue that features a documentary on the making of the record, in addition to nine previously unreleased studio and work-tape demos. Among those newly uncovered treasures is "The Way Is Love," a never-before-heard song that was put together by Orbison's sons — Wesley, Roy Jr., and Alex — after the family discovered a one-of-a-kind vocal recording for the track.
"We all talked and decided it would be the best if we could play the backing instruments and sing backups on the track, fulfilling a lifelong family dream to play not only with our father, but with each other as brothers," Roy Jr. says. "It's a matter of heart."
Recorded with John Carter Cash on acoustic guitar and as co-producer, "The Way Is Love" complements Orbison's restored vocals (which were originally recorded on a cassette player boombox sometime around 1986) with fresh instrumentation, including piano, organ, bass, and strings, as well as guitar-playing by Roy Jr. and Wesley Orbison, and drumming from Alex Orbison. 
  * Roy Orbison family members, from left, Westly Orbison, Alex Orbison, Barbara Orbison and Roy Orbison Jr. gather in front of the Capitol Records Building as the late Roy Orbison is honored with the 2,400th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles on January 29, 2010.

 Roy Orbison's three sons are all musicians but never really got to play music with their dad — until now.

Wesley, Roy Jr. and Alex Orbison have helped create a new song by their father that will appear on the 25th anniversary reissue and expansion of Orbison's final album, "Mystery Girl." They found an old vocal track for a song called "The Way is Love" originally recorded on a boombox and were able to reclaim it using technology that had to be created to accomplish the work. They then added new instrumentation with the help of another son of a music legend, co-producer John Carter Cash.

"It really brought us closer together in a lot of ways," said Alex Orbison, 38, who contributed drums and backing vocals to the track. "We were able to finish it up and get it out by Father's Day, too, which was obviously special to us."

"Mystery Girl" will be re-released May 20, 2014 with "The Way is Love" one of nine previously unheard songs. Alex Orbison also directed a documentary. Orbison was going through a career renaissance at the time he released "Mystery Girl." The "Oh, Pretty Woman" singer had just earned a new round of attention working with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty in The Travelling Wilburys and was excited about the new album.

It included contributions from Lynne, Petty and most of his Heartbreakers, Bono and the Edge of U2, Elvis Costello and many other friends. His wife, Barbara, acted as his manager at the time and even sang backup on the album. Wesley Orbison wrote a song as well.

Sadly, though, he passed away two months before its release in February 1989 at age 52.

His sons got to experience something of that excitement nearly a quarter of a century later. They weren't able to record with their dad, but it most definitely was a family moment.

"We all just wanted to not stop recording," Alex Orbison said. "That was the first thing: 'When are we going to do an Orbison Brothers record? We had so much fun. It was really too much fun."

* Roy Orbison - Mystery Girl: Unraveled (documentary trailer) 

 Roy Orbison's sons have produced one of their father's unreleased songs after finding the track in an old home tape machine.
The siblings said they used technology specifically developed for the task to put together their father's "The Way Is Love." Music legend John Carter Cash teamed up with the Orbisons to produce the the track.

The single will be unveiled in the upcoming 25th anniversary edition of Orbison's last album, Mystery Girl to be released May 20th 2014 in a CD and DVD Deluxe edition package.

The record will include the album's original 10 songs along with nine unreleased tracks including "The Way Is Love." Orbison's sons (Roy Jr., Alex and Wesley) provided contemporary guitar, drums and vocals for the latter. The DVD will also include eight of Orbison's music videos, four of which have never been released.

You can check out the CD + LP track listing below.
You Got It
In The Real World
(All I Can Do Is) Dream You
A Love So Beautiful
California Blue
She's A Mystery To Me
The Comedians
The Only One
Careless Heart

Bonus songs
The Way Is Love (unreleased with new instruments and vocals)
She's A Mystery To Me (Studio demo with Bono)
(All I Can Do Is) Dream You (Studio Demo)
The Only One (Studio Demo)
The Comedians (Studio Demo)
In The Real World (Studio Demo)
California Blue (Studio Demo)
Windsurfer (Work-tape Demo)
You Are My Love (Work-tape Demo)

"The Way Is Love"
 song HERE

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