Friday, May 22, 2009


New artists pay tribute to Roy Orbison at the Roy Orbison Birthday Tribute Concert held at the Gibson Guitar Studio, London – 23rd April 2009
A host of new and established International singer songwriters took time out to perform many of Roy Orbison’s greatest hits in their own style to a specially invited audience. The tribute concert was hosted by Barbara Orbison, Roy Orbison Jr and Alex Orbison and held at the Gibson Guitar Studio in London. The concert was timed to mark the birthday of the legendary Roy Orbison (23rd April 1936) and to celebrate his life and legacy. The event was also an opportunity to unveil the new Limited Edition Epiphone Roy Orbison “Oh, Pretty Woman” 12 String acoustic guitar which was played by various artists including Ex-Fleetwood Mac and John Fogerty guitarist Billy Burnett. The tribute concert saw musicians from around the world celebrate Roy’s life and music by recording and performing songs written by the great Roy Orbison. All the songs will be available world-wide on iTunes from April 27th

The tribute concert opened with a touching introduction from Barbara Orbison who talked openly about the life of Roy Orbison and what the event would have meant to him, she then handed over to her son Alex Orbison who introduced each act onto the stage.
Artists who performed live at the Roy Orbison Birthday Tribute Concert included:
Mary N'Daiye/ Phil Marshall / Vera Bohl/ Findlay Brown/ Gary Nock/ Ginger Redcliff/ Honey Ryder/ Kaycee Cole/ Reid & Stanners/ Netsayi/ Smoke Fairies/ Tone Damli Aagerge/ Peter Conway/ Katie Vogel/ Billy Burnett/ Fyfe Dangerfield (The Guillemots)/ Aruba Red/ Dave Stark Five Group.
The night climaxed with Roy’s classic “Oh,Pretty Woman” which saw all the artists take to the stage to sing the final verse and chorus. A specially made birthday cake in the shape of the Epiphone Roy Orbison “Oh, Pretty Woman” guitar was cut after everyone sang happy Birthday to Roy.
Roy Orbison & Roy, JR.


Roy & Barbara
Last night Dave and I attended the Roy Orbison Birthday Party celebration at the Gibson Guitar Studio in London.

There was a tribute show in honor of the late singer, with bands and artists performing songs written by Roy Orbison. Barbara Orbison, sons Alex and Roy Jr. along with 19 new artists and friends from around the world celebrated the life and music of one of music’s biggest legends.
It was a pleasant surprise seeing Fyfe Dangerfield from Guillemots there, who we were happy to share a table with, along with Guillemots drummer Greig Stewart. Fyfe performed a superb rendition of “Only The Lonely”.
We took quite a few pictures…I went a little crazy with the camera, but with all the other photographers there taking pictures, it felt natural to join in with the other flashes going off for each act.
Roy’s son Alex Orbison MC’d the event, introducing other artists that performed their favorite Big O hits - (in order) Mary N’Daiye, Phil Marshall, Vera Bohl, Findlay Brown, Gary Nock, Ginger Redcliff, Honey Ryder, Kaycee Cole, Reid & Stanners, Netsayi, Smoke Fairies, Tone Damli Aagerge, Peter Conway, Katie Vogel (green eyed monster), Billy Burnett, Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots), Aruba Red, Dave Stark Five, Group - Oh Pretty Woman.
The event was supported by Epiphone in celebration of the upcoming launch the new Epiphone 12 String ‘Pretty Woman’ acoustic guitar - the Epiphone acoustic guitar was originally used by Roy when he penned that song. Other sponsors on the night include BMI, Denzyl Feigelson and his team at AWAL (Artists Without A Label).
Over 30 artists have recorded one of their favourite Orbison songs for an iTunes only album called ‘Roy Orbison Under the Covers’.
(By: Jenny May)

                           Barbara Orbison

Roy Orbison Jr., Tone Damli Aaberge (Norway Pop Idol winner), Barbara Orbison, Fyfe Dangerfield, Alex Orbison

Fyfe Dangerfield

Mary N’Diaye - “Oh Pretty Woman”

Findlay Brown

Gary Nock - “You Got It”

Honey Ryder - “Love In Time”

Kaycee Cole - “In Dreams”

The Smoke Fairies - “It’s Over”

Peter Conway - “There Won’t Be Many Coming Home”

Katie Vogel - “Blue Bayou”

Billy Burnett (ex Fleetwood Mac) w/ Alex Orbison on Drums - “Ooby Dooby”

Aruba Red (Jack Bruce’s daughter) - “You Fool You”
Dennis L. Tredinnick:
I would just like to say a Happy Birthday to Roy on this day, April 23,2009 which would have been his 73rd Birthday. He is truely missed and will always be remembered. My Best to his family.

God I hope this posts correctly! It is 'rare' that an artist transcends, rises 'above' their God-given gift... Roy did that like no other... When I was in the worst time in my life, Roy's voice was the voice not from this world, that touched me like no one else and brought me into the light.. Roy is my favorite artist of all time. Period. I have never ever seen nor heard anyone like Roy. Roy's family are so amazing and the nicest people I have gotten to know. I love Roy and his family and am so grateful that on this side of heaven, I was given a taste of what the afterlife will be like.. Thank you Roy!!! 
Greastest Singer ever. I have been so Bless to be able to sing just like Roy. It's been my saving Grace all my life.

What a great project! Congrats - I am sure you've done Roy's music proud. I am wearing sunglasses in his honor today. ..
Emanuele D.:

I can believe it! I love this song! When this album come to Brazil?..Good luck guys!..

Your music is amazing and I can't wait to hear your new album! ...

01-You Fool You 2:02 Aruba Red
02-Running Scared 1:52 Disa
03-Claudette 2:41 The Carter Twins
04-Blue Bayou 2:43 Katie Vogel
05-You Got It 3:48 Rooney
06-Best Friend 2:53 Vera Bohl
07-Crawling Back 3:17 Shez
08-It's Over 2:23 Smoke Fairies
09-Oh, Pretty Woman 3:59 Hanan
10-You're the One 3:29 Reid & Stanners
11-Running Scared 2:41 Findlay Brown
12-In Dreams 4:35 54 Seconds
13-Wild Hearts Run Out of Time 3:30 Helgi Jonsson
14-Not Alone Anymore 3:26 Lucy Walsh
15-Paper Boy 3:30 Ginger Redcliff
16-You Got It 3:24 Winterplay
17-Running Scared 2:38 DePedro
18-Crying 3:23 Anthony Roth Costanzo
19-Falling 2:39 Netsayi
20-You Got It 4:39 The Spectaculars
21-Oh, Pretty Woman 2:30 Molly Beanland
22-There Won't Be Many Coming Home 3:36 Peter Conway
23-Oh, Pretty Woman 4:15 Bora Yalcinduran
24-A Love So Beautiful 3:38 Tobias Fröberg
25-Oh, Pretty Woman 6:53 Fractal
26-Working for the Man 3:02 Benjamin Olson
27-Oh, Pretty Woman 2:28 Mary N'Diaye
28-In Dreams 2:49 Kaycee Cole
29-Oh, Pretty Woman (Live) 3:29 The Dave Stark Five