Tuesday, April 21, 2009


(„No one will ever know
     the truth, but me“)

I knew him only through his songs. In the voice, which painted every song of his, there was both sadness and joy, love and friendship, past and future. Right are those in saying that his voice was a blue neon in darkness, a light at the end of the tunnel. Words are superfluous and sometimes even not enough insufficiently expressive to describe the feelings that overflew during listening to each of his songs. He drew nearer a whole World unknown to us by then and it seemed that we could see and feel all the roads of Texas, that endless red ground with oil towers, lake coast lines in Tennessee, the blue of California, those long magical American cars, sad good-byes and merry weddings, a whole distant life.
This was a tender, fair and persistant man. A man of happiness and of sorrow. Still, even in sad moments, he found strength to exit, for tomorrow, for forthcoming happy hours. People loved and respected him which he recompensed them with his beautiful voice. The compositions which he created were so sentimental that he really deserves a place among the greatest singers of the World. A peaceful man who could through his seemingly weak voice so powerfully express the loveliest and strongest emotions of life.
A man who was kind. Why do the kind men stay with us for such a short time? 52 years are too little for a life opus of such a great and good man. I believe that he had so much more to tell us in his compositions and songs. Roy lasts we don’t yet know the answer to the question why he was the best or one of the best. This is why he is unique and unrepeatable.
Because of this, the grave in the graveyard near Los Angeles is not the definitive end of this man – it will rather be a mark in memory and recollection that he physically is there. But, his deeds and his voice will always be with us. He is around us, in our memories, loves, journeys...
People say that he was a lucky man. I don’t know. I believe more formly that he kept his sadness caused by overdoleful disasters inside himself. He didn’t want to hurt others. The singing and the life have beaten the pain; life had to move on. Even when he’s gone, precisely because of him, he is still with us. He will really and always be there. With his compositions and songs he entered our lives, and there is where he endures.
A man that lasts. Roy.
Slobodan, Belgrade, 1997  
(Translated from „Roy Orbison – Remembrance, Part 3“)

(*Thank you so much, Paula)

Roy Quotes:

* There is always someone who knows me. I must be one of the most unloneliest people in the world!

* There was a lot of loneliness in West Texas where I grew up. We used to say it was the center of everything, five hundred miles away from anything.

* The sense of 'do it for all it's worth, do it now, and do it good' has always stayed with me.

* Life is something I don't want to run way from. I am interested in what it has to offer, both good and bad. I have the balance in my life to see what the bad is, what the good is and where the in between lies

* I use to be asked how I would like to be remembered. My answer was that I would just like to be remembered. And I think maybe if I made a contribution, some form of a contribution. That maybe brought a little happiness to someone, or held a few things together. Then that would be great.

* The intensity of your emotions is something awe-inspiring, no matter how painful it might sometimes seem. I believe that none of us ever really grows out of that.

* My life is a never-ending dream. I take one day at a time and never look too far into the future.

* ... Just keep carrying on. Go ahead, because you could stop one day short of the good thing that's gonna happen.
/*Thank you so much, Aurora from Lubbock,TX!


  1. Thank you Slobodan, just beautiful.

  2. Thank you my friend that is so very well written. Roy would be so very proud of these lovely words you have written.

  3. Thank you so much, Kat, for loving and remembering Roy Orbison!

  4. I thank you so much, my friend, for these words... Today we remember Roy, celebrating his birthday... Remembering Roy, his work, his life, his songs, his ballads. For me, Roy was, is, and will be, the best!

  5. I dont think we shall ever forget Roy ...his fantastic voice..no one else can match. He was special

    On a different note I thought I would let you know that the song You're the One only plays for 30 seconds..is this correct? This has happened to me before I thought I would let you know. One minute it plays no problem the next it changes only to 30 seconds.

    Take care my friend

  6. Thank you my friend! YES, HE WAS SOOOOO SPECIAL with his specific, fantastic voice and beautiful ballads!
    *About Imeem player, it's OK, it plays 3.02*
    Regards and best wishes!

  7. It only plays 30 seconds on your site. You will have to download the code again to get it to work. Imeen do this all the time.

    Have a lovely weekend my dear friend
    Take care

  8. Very touching I think we all feel this way, but can't express ourselves the same

  9. Thank you, my friend Barb. Hope that translation from Serbian for it is OK (thanking again for so kind help of my friend Paula).