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-La Golondrina     *Americana Ensemble     *Under the Big Top Circus, Carnival and Calliope Favorites ,2014
-La Golondrina-Aura Lee-My Wild Irish Rose   *Chris Nilson  *Hammond A Gogo ,1972  
-La Golondrina     *Clavelitos, Misart     *Muzyka refleksyjna ,2001
-Cancion Del Viejo Poeta (live)     *Coro Ayuntamiento de Arróniz
-La Golondrina (live)     *Coro Ayuntamiento de Arróniz
-You Wear My Ring -1     *Edu Schalk
-Las Golondrinas     *Gran Mariachi Ordaz     *Arriba El Mariachi -Lo Mejor Del Mariachi Del Mundo ,2013
-La Colondrina (original title!)    *Harmonika Familien     *Harmonika Familien -Vol. 3 ,2012
-She Wears My Ring -1     *Jackie Edwards     *Heart To Heart ,1990
-The Swallow (La Golondrina)     *Jeon Jong Gu
-Du Sollst Nicht Weinen (hammondorgel)     *Jozetje Schils     *JOZETJE SPEELT-HEINTJE SUCCESSEN ,1969
-La Golondrina     *La Banda de Música de Candás y el Coro de la Bodega
-La Golondrina     *Lauro Gutiérrez Limón    
-Heavy Date     *Lord Rockingham's XI     *Hoot's Mon - The Collection 1958-1962 ,1962
-La Golondrina     *Ron Richards Rhythm Kings     *Let's Dance ,2014
-La Golondrina     *The Black Ties (Korea)
-Du Sollst Nicht Weinen     *The Cordola's     *The Cordola's-Accordeon Hits International ,1970
-La Golondrina (version-album Disco Samba)     *The Gino Marinello Orchestra     *Disco Samba ,2008
-La Golondrina     *The Richard Romance Orchestra     *Bamboleo ,1990

-La Golondrina    *Anders Noren   *album Melodiboken



* Lord Rockingham's XI

Henry Macleod Robertson (sometimes credited as Harry Robinson) (19 November 1932 — 17 January 1996), was a composer. He was son of Henry Robertson of Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland. He married Ziki Arbuthnot who inherited the Wharton Barony in 1990. They had four children, the eldest of whom Myles is now the 12th Baron.
He wrote the music for a number of film and television productions some which are listed below.

He was responsible for writing and producing the pop song Hoots mon (not so much a song, more an instrumental take on Coming through the Rye with spoken interjections in a mock-Jock accent by Lord Rockingham's XI - undoubtedly a response to the recent Bill Haley hit Rockin' Through the Rye, based on the same traditional Scottish ditty originally written by Rabbie Burns), which stayed at Number 1 on the Hit Parade for three weeks in 1958. The then National Anthem of Zambia (basing it on The Bluebells of Scotland) is also contributed to him.

He produced and composed the music of Hawk the Slayer (1980), Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1982) and Jane and the Lost City (1988), co-writing the script of the first two.
He wrote a number of film scripts, television series and books, including The Electric Eskimo, The Boy Who Never Was, Sammy's Super T-Shirt and a regular composer for Hammer Film Productions.

He was musical director of the respected British television pop music programmes Six-Five Special (1957 BBC) and Oh Boy! (1959 ITV).

He arranged and conducted the stage shows Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be (1960) and Maggie May (1964) and also co-wrote the West End hit musical Elvis.
He also wrote highly acclaimed string arrangements for English folk singers such as Nick Drake, notably 'River Man' from Drake's Five Leaves Left.
Lord Rockingham's XI was a group of British session musicians, led by Harry Robinson (1932–1996), who had a No. 1 hit on the UK Singles Chart in 1958 with "Hoots Mon".
The group was put together to play as the resident band on the pop TV programme Oh Boy!, which was produced by Jack Good, and shown nationally on ITV in the UK in 1958/59. They were fronted by Harry Robinson, and also included jazz baritone saxophonist and later writer Benny Green, and organist Cherry Wainer. Other members were Don Storer (drums), Reg Weller (percussion), Red Price (tenor sax), Rex Morris (tenor sax), Cyril Reubens (baritone sax), Ronnie Black (double bass), Bernie Taylor (guitar), Eric Ford (guitar). Joining the group later were Kenny Packwood (guitar) and Ian Fraser (piano).
"Heavy Date" was an arrangement by Harry Robinson the music director of ITV's 'Oh Boy!' and leader of Jack Good's resident TV band 'Lord Rockingham's XI' (who became Lord Rockingham's XV >Harry Robinson's
XV> for this single!) of an original Mexican melody titled 'La Golondrina' (The Swallow). Composed by Narciso Serradell Sevilla (1843-1910), lyrics were added in the 1960s by Felice & Boudleaux Bryant (who wrote many Everly Brothers hits) using the original Mexican melody they re-titled the song "She Wears My Ring" which was recorded by Placido Domingo, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and many others including Johnny O'Keefe an Australian rocker who had a top 10 hit with it down under in 1964 and Solomon King who took his 45rpm Columbia single to number 3 in the UK charts in January 1968.
Lord Rockingham's XI recorded this version (titled "Heavy Date" and labelled 'Robertson' as composer, when Harry Robinson was actually the arranger and producer) on the Decca label F11319 in January 1961. The atmospheric track remains an interesting curio from the early days of British Rock 'n' Roll TV shows.

 LA GOLONDRINA /SHE WEARS MY RING /versions, part 83




* Americana Ensemble

* Banda de Música de Candás

* Black Ties, Korea

* Chris Nilson

* Coro Ayuntamiento de Arróniz

* Coro de la Bodega

* Edu Schalk

* Gran Mariachi Ordaz
* Harmonika Familien

* Jackie Edwards

* Jeon Jong Gu

* Jozetje Schils

* La Banda de Música de Candás y del Coro de La Bodega

* Lauro Gutiérrez Limón

* Lord Rockingham's XI

* Ron Richards Rhythm Kings

* The Black Ties, Korea

* The Cordola's

* The Gino Marinello Orchestra

* The Richard Romance Orchestra

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