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LA GOLONDRINA /SHE WEARS MY RING, V.A. -versions -24                                                     


*** Title                            *** Artist                         *** Album    
01-Las Golondrinas          *Mariachi Guadalajara
02-El Dia De Tu Boda     *Rondalla Recuerdo Romantico
03-She Wears My Ring     *Bill Bodell     *WHP Digital Compilation Vol. 1
04-Las Golondrinas          *Marano Mercado
05-Dapit-Hapon               *Danilo Santos     *Mga Hari Ng Kundiman,1970
06-Dapit-Hapon               *Danilo Santos (alternate)     *Kundiman
07-La Golondrina              *Sophus Hansens Hawaii-Ensemble     (1949)
08-La Golondrina              *Supercampeones
09-Die Swaeltjie                *Eddy Arnold     *SING LIEDJIES VAN DIE VELD,1965
10-La Golondrina              *Dr. Alfonso Ortiz Tirado
11-Die Swaeltjie                *Rina Hugo     *RINA,2001
12-Die Swaeltjie                 *Jurie Ferreira     *Afrikana -vol.2,2009
13-Die Swaeltije                 *Trevor Nasser     *SPEAK SOFTLY LOVE,2000
14-Die Swaeltjie                 *(Midifile) *Midi file
15-She Wears My Ring,Walking In The Sand     *Bid's Accordion Band  *40 All Time Accordion Favourites,2011
16-She Wears My Ring       *Dave Lawlor     *The First Ten Years 1990-2000,2000
17-Rhumba Renato,She Wears My Ring     *Dick Black & His Band     *Come Sequence Dancing,1989
18-Las Golondrinas (alternate 2)     *Mariachi Mexico     *Las Mañanitas-Mariachi Mexico,2008
19-La Golondrina                 *Norma Farr Brown
20-Gracias Amigos-Meine Maus,die heisst Klaus     *James Last     *Sing Mit 6 'Von Hamburg Bis Mexico',1977
21-La Golondrina                  *Atanasio Ortin Y Su Orquesta     *Bolero Flamenco Pasa Doble (1991)
22-Dein Letzter Brief             *Hardy Kingston     *HAPPY PARTY ,Vol. 3
23-La Golondrina                  *Finbar Wright     *Because,1991
24-La Golondrina                  *Claude Blouin     *Ballroom Dancing (2008)
25-La Golondrina                  *Rudy Vodicka (tenor)     *Wird Mein Name Wo Genannt
26-La Golondrina                  *Orchester Charles Monet     *Dream Concerto For Saxophone,2011
27-La Golondrina                 *Helmut Zacharias     *Die Retrospektive-Vol 1,2006
28-La Golondrina                 *Romantic Dreams Orchestra     *Best World Instrumental Hits-CD 59
29-La Golondrina (Die Swaeltjie)     *Touch Of Glass
30-La Golondrina                 *Slim Whitman
31-She Wears My Ring (La Golondrina)   * Hank Snow
32-She Wears My Ring        *The Wanderers     *ONYX:For Your Love,1954
33-La Golondrina                 *Plácido Domingo     *The Very Best Of Placido Domingo [Disc 2],1989
34-La Golondrina                 *Horst Fischer und Werner Mueller     *Golden Trumpet - Golden Hits,1967

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  1. Thank you for the great comments on my blog. It is a pleasure to hear from Serbians. What you said was very good too. I hope that I can help give my fellow Americans good thoughts about Serbians!
    Again, I enjoyed hearing from you on my blog.
    Have a blessed day!

    1. *I thank you so much, Marjo! More on your blog! All the best, Slobodan *

  2. THANK YOU for the helpful comment you wrote today on my blog! I am grateful to you for taking the time to share more with me. I liked hearing the anthem, and what you told me about the history was very interesting.

    I agree with what you said about God! He is always watching and taking care of us. You mentioned a hymn that I love very much: His Eye is on the Sparrow. That is good that you have heard that hymn! Do you have it in Serbian?

    Thank you for your kind offers to help me learn more. I know I am always thinking of more things to ask about Serbia! I am grateful to you already for what you have shared.
    Have a wonderful weekend!