Thursday, June 30, 2011

"La Golondrina"/"She Wears My Ring" -versions -Part 8

"La Golondrina"/"She Wears My Ring" -versions -8

****** Title:              *****Artist:        *****Album:      
01-La Golondrina     -Emilio Jose     -Mi Querida America
02-La Golondrina     -Rudy Wiedoeft     -1927 US Victor       
03-La Golondrina     -Paul Whiteman & his Orch.     -1928 US Columbia
04-La Golondrina     -Milton Brown & his Musical Brownies     -1935 US Decca               
05-La Golondrina     -Luis Mariano       
06-She Wears My Ring     -Ray Price     -The Best of Ray Price,1976
07-La Golondrina (The Swallow)(alternate take)     -Xavier Cugat & his Waldorf Astoria Orchestra     -1938 US Victor
08-She Wears My Ring     -Derek Petersen & The Escapades     -1963 ZA Meteor
09-Die dag met jou (La Golondrina)      -The Hartung Sounds     -1962 NL Polydor/The Netherlands
10-She Wears My Ring     -Nate Jaeger     -Moments,2007
11-La Golondrina     -The Black Knights     -1964 NL/demo tape/The Netherlands
12-La Golondrina (live 80)     -The Explosion Rockets     -1980 NL live tape/The Netherlands
13-La Golondrina        -The Jokers    -Rare recordings-The Jokers/Belgium,1965
14-She Wears My Ring     -Johnny Clarke     -Reggae Up!(Disc 1)
15-She Wears My Ring     -Foster & Allen     -Songs Of Love And Laughter-Disc 1
16-She Wears My Ring     -Irish Vampire-Irish Clubland-2 -from Irish Clubland 2
17-She Wears My Ring     -Sydney Devine     -The Best Of,1973
18-She Wears My Ring     -Brian ELVIS Simpson     -Vancouver Idols-January 2008/Remembering Elvis Presley
19-La Golondrina (in Span.)     -Caterina Valente       
20-La Golondrina     -Hisao Sudo     -Downbeats 4-Rumba-Cha Cha,2007
21-Las Golondrinas     -Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan         -1997
22-M'n trouwe hond     -Heintje     -Hollands Glorie-Heintje
23-El dia de tu boda,Las Golondrinas     -La Rondalla De Saltillo     -Yo Sé Que Te Acordarás [Disc 2],1999



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