Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Just had to share what happened today...

   I was in Costco today, and got in line to check out.
   In front of me was a woman and her 2 little boys...a 1 year old, and a 4 year old.

   The lady had a Roy Orbison CD in her hand, and the 4 year old asked her for it.
 She handed it to him, and he READ the title --Roy Orbison-- that surprised me since he was so little. Then he asked his mom if they could play it in the car. And added it was a 3 CD set.
   So I asked if he liked Roy... his mom said: Oh yes, also Johnny Cash.
   She had bought the CD for him!!!

  So I told him that I was also a fan. He asked me what my favorite songs were; I replied In Dreams and Pretty Woman. He said OH Pretty Woman was on his new CD.

   Then I asked him what his favorite song was, and he told me Only The Lonely!!!

   He has to be Roy's youngest fan!!!!
   He also spelled Roy Orbison without looking at the CD!!
   He was just adorable...........
Barb Gowen, IN, USA, Apr. 2008  

(Thank you very much, Barb!)


  1. A brilliant story.They are never too young to like great music especially from a legend.

  2. Yes, what a little boy! And he said OH, PRETTY WOMAN but not PRETTY WOMAN - so he knows already the real name of the song! What a boy, in deed!
    And today is a birthday of Roy Orbison! TOO SAD, he passed away ,shall I say, young!